Lenovo Legion 5 Review | Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000

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All right so this is the Lenovo Legion five review this is actually the 5i but there are two variants a 5 and a 5 I and the difference being one is AMD one is Intel I have the Intel version but the experience and the hardware is gonna be vastly similar between the two now this has to be one of the most
anticipated gaming laptops for 2020 because of its original price point that they now it’s supposed to be like I think eight or nine hundred bucks at the base price so it’s a very interesting device and the predecessor to this the y5 40 was a very well-reviewed device and this is just like the 20/20 version they’ve tweaked a whole bunch of stuff but there is there stuff you should be aware of going into this particular purchase.

Ok so let’s start with the design this has been changed ever so slightly in terms of its design aesthetic it’s very clean and mature looking like it doesn’t have any kind of gamer accents this is probably the least gamer looking gaming laptop on the market I really like it’s even cleaner than like a razor blade because there’s no snake logos and stuff like that it’s just like a very simple top lid and a very simple inside which we’ll get to in a second now on the top they’ve changed the Legion logo it doesn’t light up anymore it’s also in a different position from last year if I remember correctly and there’s also a new badge of just like a metal insert that just says Lenovo now the whole laptop feels well built it’s plastic but it feels durable there is this weird thing I got a bunch of emails from you guys in regards to the hinge I can’t see any issues with it in fact I think it’s the same hinge design as the 540 and 570 from last year which were great so I just imagine these would be good as well you watch me eat my words in a few years when these things explode in people’s faces I think they’re they’re good though.

I didn’t mention earlier but the Legion logo has like a bit of a iridescent shimmer to it it’s faint but is there alright the display so here we have a 144 Hertz 1080p panel it’s pretty fast for gaming it’s bright its color accurate I like the screen a lot it is however an upgraded panel the base panel is a 60 Hertz screen which you know if you’re getting a gaming laptop like this I’d go for a higher first screen but there’s also this third option of a 120 Hertz lower brightness screen which I personally do not recommend I haven’t seen the one specifically from Lenovo but it’s listed at 215 it and from my experience 215 it’s is perfectly fine for just like browsing the web and doing stuff but if you’re playing games it just doesn’t feel bright enough don’t get that 250 NAT screen if you can avoid it I just spend that extra money to get the 144 Hertz option the webcam this year has been moved up from the bottom of the screen to the top which is awesome and they have a privacy filter this year so you can hit this switch and it’ll cover up the webcam physically.

So technically you would be more secure if you’re worried about that and I like this feature I feel like more laptops, in general, should have a physical cover over the lens like an optional slide like that it’s simple but it’s like it’s just a thing I think it’s pretty cool ok the keyboard I like the keyword, in general, I think most people will like this keyboard there is a number pad so everything’s that shifted over to the left if you know symmetry bothers you but I think Lenovo does this often with their kind of mid-tier devices they just include a number pad but the actual keyboard experience is on point and it’s got white backlighting which looks really clean the trackpad is nice it doesn’t have the dedicated physical buttons like it did last year that’s like the actual click is built to run to the trackpad like a lot of other gaming laptops but it’s still a good trackpad.

My favorite part about this keyboard the actual deck itself it’s this really nice soft touch material and from what I’ve seen from last year’s material as well this stuff holds up like I have a friend that has a why 5:30 and I used to be concerned about lenovo’s materials kind of becoming gummy or overtime but last year’s model held up and this feels exactly the same to me so I think it’s gonna be a durable soft touch material the performance on this machine is quite good I’m running the six core Intel processor within artix 2060 and it’s the regular 2060 not the max-q version so it’s just a little bit more powerful than other competitors that are pushed max-q devices this is a appropriately cooled system it’s nice to see and fans don’t get super loud and they also have that keyboard shortcut so you can switch between the performance modes so you can go between like and high-performance and quiet mode but this year they have this colored LED in the power button which lets you know visually what mode you’re in just by looking at the power button.

Now this year they still don’t have manual fan control that’s something I talked about last year I wish that on a device like this you could just control the fans by yourself so if you’re doing something that requires better performs you can just crank it up but you can’t it’s it does a pretty good job just through those three settings but I like my manual alright so inside you have you can see the do big fans they exhaust at the back and the sides with a nice heat pipe or a good thermal system the SSD Wi-Fi card and the two RAM slots are behind two shrouds but remove those and you have access to them and the battery is not particularly big it’s a 60-watt hour battery very similar battery life to last year’s I’m getting three and a half hours on this which it’s to be expected it’s a smaller battery I do think that there is an option for a larger battery but then it just removes the SATA cage so you just get a slightly bigger battery but no hard drive.

I did notice that there seems to be room for a second nvme like if you’ve removed the hard drive cage that just seems to be this perfect amount of space for a secondary nvme which is I’ve never actually seen something like this where the space seems like so well engineered that if you remove the hard drive cage there’s now room for the nvme to slot in it’s pretty cool alright so that is the internal of the system there’s speakers on the left and right they sound like gaming laptop speakers not terrible but they’re not great ports on this device so the vast majority of ports on these lenovo légion devices are on the back of the machine which I really like keeps the whole thing clean the USB C port does not support the normal three so if you need it you don’t have access to that but there’s four USB a s so there’s two on the back and one on each side so this healthy dose of use BA on the system alright so this is a pretty solid system overall now if you remember in the beginning of this video I mentioned that the starting price of this thing supposed to be like 850 or $900 it is but there’s a bit of there’s a bit of a twist to that that pricing only applies to the Rison AMD versions
and once you speck this thing out with an Intel chip.

It’s quite expensive it’s actually more expensive than I thought it would be this feels like it’s a I don’t know 150 200 bucks more than it should be and here’s the thing Lenovo stuff goes on sale very frequently we’re not talking like special Black Friday and back-to-school stuff it’s just constantly on sale so you just need to be diligent and look at the pricing of this stuff and catch it when it is on sale because if you buy this thing at full retail price I don’t think it’s really worth the money like it’s okay it’s just not great value if you do get it on sale though I think this is a great get so yeah you just make sure you purchase this thing on sale if you can now there is a second device I want to talk about because if you’re interested in the légion 5 you’re probably interested in this thing as well this is the Lenovo IdeaPad gaming 3 it’s a bit of a weird name this had like a different moniker last year but this is the the 2020 version and this is also like a eight $900 device I was going to do a review on this but I decided to wait for this thing to come in.

Before I even talked about this because here’s the thing I don’t think this is worth getting because of the existence of this machine this is an inferior product in basically every manner it’s not as well built it has worse performance it has worse thermals it’s got a smaller battery a dimmer screen the list goes on the idea gaming pad 3 is an inferior product to the légion 5 it is cheaper by like 150 bucks but if you run the market for something like this and you just can’t afford this one you can’t afford the IdeaPad save up until you can pick this one up because just a better product that I think will even last longer because of the improved thermal performance over this guy ok hope you guys enjoyed this blog thumbs we liked it subs if you loved it I’ll see you guys next time.

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