ASUS Zephyrus G14 Gaming Laptop Review 2020

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all right the Zephyrus g14 from asus this laptop has to be one of the most anticipated devices I’ve ever had on this channel and it’s because of their chip these are running the new AMD Rison 4000 series laptop chips that are just they were rumored they were leaked they were hyped up to be these Intel killing chips they were supposed to be super powerful and let’s find out if they actually are now I’ve said this before in previous videos where I’m like the best videos that I do the best reviews that I do come from devices where I’m trying to actively replace something that I already own and I use every day with something new and this is one of those videos so it might come across too new or like I’m extra critical or picky about certain things it’s not because I’m like you know I’m not feeling the I’m not feeling the vibe on this device I’m just saying that I’m I’m very passionate about this kind of stuff right so I’m trying to deliver to you guys something where I put my mindset into a consumer room like I’m spending my own money on this if I’m gonna buy this I want to know everything about it so I’m gonna be it’s it’s very
particular okay so I’m gonna go in on these things a little bit harder than my regular review that sounded a little weird but okay you get the vibe let’s get into performance first because I think that’s the most important thing these things have excellent performance like really good eight core 16 threads it has incredible performance for multi core applications it’s faster than my razor blade in Adobe Premiere for gaming these are running a gtx 1660 TI max-q with pretty good performance there is another variation that runs a twenty sixty max q which is obviously a little bit more expensive but my initial impression when I first saw this was like I wish they’d put a more powerful GPU in here but then you have to take in consideration size like these are so small this is a fourteen inch screen it’s just it’s a small device I don’t think they could have put anything more powerful in here while being able to cool it properly now because it’s a fourteen inch screen my eyes took a little bit of time to get used to gaming on this thing I’ve been playing on larger screens for quite a while but after a couple weeks on this device I’m perfectly happy with the size I think the reduction in size and weight on this thing is worth that GPU trade-off for people that are looking for a smaller and or lighter gaming laptop and it’s because the thermals on the Sun are are good like if this thing had bad thermals I would have been like it’s not worth it right but because they’ve done such a good job thermally it’s a winner in my books now my thermal testing was done in turbo mode which is kind of like the best performing automatic mode where the fan noise is loud but acceptable there is a manual mode where you can just crank the fans and the fans just get way too loud to the point where I think there’s no scenario where I personally would ever set it up to manual mode it’s just so loud it’s actually annoying the temperatures are lower there but the clock speeds aren’t much faster so I don’t feel like most people will be using that particular setting these laptops have an option for an enemy matrix screen which allows you to customize this back LED array to do a whole bunch of different things you can have animated gifs you can have a logo you can have the time there you can do a bunch of stuff and when I first saw this in January I was like kind of super cool having had this for a couple weeks it’s a personalization that you just never get to see it really is for other people looking at you using your device like it’s kind of a flexing me like hey you know I got these crazy lights in the back it’s executed very well like the lights are bright it’s easy to configure but it’s not something that I think most people will use for an extended period of time it’s just fun like what the right memes it can be kind of
entertaining but I don’t think most people need this kind of meme machine on the back of their displays okay so there’s the real display let’s hug hug those so the first one the dark one here is running a 1440p 60 Hertz panel this one is running a 1080p 120 Hertz panel so this one first it’s really nice to see a 14 inch panel with high resolution but I think more people are going to be interested in this one the 1080p 120 hertz display now this is a relatively unique product because I think at this point in time there are no other 14-inch or smaller displays that have a high refresh rate like this and it is
technically a 120 Hertz panel but it doesn’t feel right if something feels sluggish on this screen and if I had to guess it’s the response time
there’s ghosting happening and I don’t blame a sous like they’re not the company that makes this screen right they went out there looked for a company that was making a display panel that could fit into this thing and they tried to get a high refresh one probably worked with whatever they could get it’s better than a 60 Hertz screen that has this kind
response time I would imagine but it’s not ideal so if you’re the person who’s like this is the perfect gaming laptop what is the thing that could possibly go wrong on it I’d say it’s the response time on the screen
unfortunately now for me personally if I had to choose between the two screens I’d go for the 120 Hertz despite that ghosting there is no webcam on this laptop it doesn’t even have one in the box like there’s no external one that they include is just a webcam las’
device which I’m okay with it’s just you got to be aware of that when you’re picking one up now let’s talk about the keyboard
I like these keyboards a lot there is one thing I noticed that pertains specifically to the white model because the backlighting on these keys isn’t super bright these kind of silver reflective keys are hard to see with the backlighting on it’s actually easier to see these keys even in the dark with the backlighting off it’s kind of weird like that
I feel like when you go with white keys like when you go white you have to go bright you can I use can I say that if you go white you have to go bright and like razer does it with their they have white keys but they’re back letting a super-bright so you can just see the device really clearly when you have dim lights it doesn’t work that well the keys themselves I like them they’re spaced well the layouts good they’re responsive I think most people will enjoy this keyboard there’s also a fingerprint sensor and top right on the power button so you can press it to login the trackpad is pretty standard I like it there’s nothing weird about it that drivers are good on it and there’s also your hardware buttons for volume control as well as your ROG software so you can press it to launch your ROG app I’m gonna just nitpick on the app here that thing is way too complex there’s all these charts and tabs in there to try to make it feel techy but I think most people that end up using that thing just find most that information useless and it just feels cluttered you could just clean that thing out and it I think it would just be a better piece of software in terms of functionality it’s great it’s more just the visual
appearance of that thing that I think they should tidy up a little bit the overall build is great the magnesium alloy keeps it strong without adding too much weight the chassis flux is mild and the port selection is fair there’s to use be a to use PC but there’s no thin well three support alright let’s talk about the internals so to get inside it’s just a few screws and once you’re in there you see that ugly ass red PCB it’s
a single SSD it’s pcie – so you can’t put crazy fast drives in there but it’s sufficient the Wi-Fi card is underneath that SSD and they give you an Intel Wi-Fi six card which is awesome there’s only a single slot of user serviceable RAM so there’s onboard RAM that’s been started on by the manufacturer and then you can replace one stick so because it’s an AMD chip in here you want to make sure that you’re running two channels you always want something inside that Ram slot it’s got lots of heat pipes and the heat sinks look like they’re easily removed so you can reap a sit if you want it’s got powerful fans in here as well as a 76 watt hour battery which is the same size as the 15-inch model from last year I think it’s actually the same size as a 15-inch this year even seventy-six watt hours and with that you’re getting an eight and a half hour battery life the AC adapter plugs in on the side which can be kind of intrusive the brick itself is actually a little bit smaller this year it’s 180 watts you can also charge it with USB C so you can plug up to a 65 watt adapter to this thing to juice it up you don’t get full power with that like normally with gaming laptops you need to have your AC adapter plugged in to be able to get full performance off the GPU and when you have a USB C device connected this thing even at 65 watts it doesn’t you don’t you can’t use the GPU at its full potential you do need the regular AC adapter okay
the speakers they’re better this year they’re not awesome they’re just pretty good there’s two on top two in the bottom and they sound pretty clean and they also get reasonably loud one thing I didn’t mention earlier the herbal lift like when you open and close this device you see how the hinge forces the device to kind of prop up in the back it’s a thermal design that Asus doesn’t some of their devices but when you have this kind of ergo lift design the hot air often gets expelled like normally on a laptop hot air comes out the back and the sides but because the screen is here the hot air comes out and it just kind of hits the screen it’s not too hot but I think for people that are interested in buying this machine they should be aware of where the heat is going so I thought I should mention it all right overall takes on the g14 I really like this device I wish that screen was you know faster response time but I think they did such a good job on the g14 most importantly I am impressed with a AMD brought like I knew would be good I knew they were gonna bring the heat this year but this is way better than I thought could be it really just it pushes Intel into this into this position where they got a they got to bring it right this is clearly better than what Intel offered with their ninth gen stuff I’m not exactly sure what their 10th gen stuff is gonna bring we’ll find out soon but something tells me that this just this probably made until a little bit worried okay am I gonna be switching over to these I’m probably gonna try out this one like I mentioned I don’t love the white keyboard on this thing if you’re gonna go white you got to go bright but I’m gonna try it the gray and try this

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